How to move around Milan

Learn how to navigate Milan with ease using our comprehensive guide. Discover the best transportation options, including public transit, bike rentals, and walking routes, to explore the city efficiently.
Milan is the fashion hub of Italy and is a busy city with good transportation options for getting around. Whether you like buses, trains, or taxis, Milan has them all. You can choose what works best for you to move around easily. Milan public transport offers variety and accessibility for everyone. The public transportation system, run by ATMs, has buses, trams, and subways. There are four metro lines and about 100 bus and filobus lines so it is easy to go anywhere in Milan. Taxis are also available but they can be expensive if you use them all the time. Other than that transport in Milan has one more choice the Passante railway. It is like Germany’s S-Bahn trains and runs underground. The Passante railway links important spots in Milan and nearby areas such as railway and metro stations. Although it is not as big as the metro it is still a quick way to get around. Passante railway tickets cost about the same as metro tickets so it is handy for both locals and visitors.

Getting around Milan if you are staying near Duomo

If you are staying near the Duomo walking is the best way to get around the compact city center. Driving is not recommended because of traffic and expensive parking. Trams are another good option for exploring Milan. Whether you are using public transport, taxis, walking, or trams you can easily reach Milan’s famous landmarks, shopping areas, and cultural sites.

Milan Metro

Explore Milan quickly and efficiently with the Milan Metro. Our detailed guide will help you navigate the city’s extensive underground network, covering all major attractions and neighborhoods. Learn about ticket options, schedules, and tips for a smooth and convenient metro experience.

Milan Bus

Discover the convenience and affordability of Milan’s bus system. With numerous routes covering the entire city, our guide will show you how to use the bus network to explore Milan comfortably. Get information on bus schedules, ticketing, and the best routes to reach key destinations.

Milan Tram

Experience Milan’s charm through its historic tram system. Our guide will teach you how to ride these iconic trams, offering scenic routes through the city’s most picturesque areas and popular destinations. Find out about ticket prices, tram schedules, and tips for a pleasant journey.

Milan Taxi

Navigate Milan with ease using the city’s reliable taxi services. Our comprehensive guide provides tips on finding and using taxis, fare information, and advice for a smooth and hassle-free journey around Milan, whether you’re heading to a business meeting or a tourist attraction.

Milan Sharing Services

Milan has a lot of sharing services for people who do not want to use regular public transport. You can find car-sharing, bike-sharing, and scooter-sharing options all over the city. With these services, you can pick up a car, bike, or scooter from nearby spots and leave them at your destination. You only pay for how long you use them so you do not have to worry about parking. It is a cheap and easy way to get around for short trips.

Milan Accessibility

In Milan transportation is designed to be accessible for everyone but it is not perfect everywhere. Newer subway lines like Line 3 (M3) and Line 5 (M5) have features like elevators and tactile floor markings to help people with disabilities. However, older subway lines might not have these features. Most buses have ramps for wheelchairs but tram and filobus stops might not be as accessible especially in older areas that have not been updated yet.

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