Milan Tram

Experience the charm of Milan with its historic tram system. Our guide provides essential information on routes, schedules, and ticketing to help you enjoy scenic travel through the city’s most picturesque areas.
Milan’s tram system is an important part of the city’s public transportation. It is convenient for both residents and visitors. Milan has a mix of old and new tram cars which offer a unique way to see the city. Understanding how the Milan tram can make your trip even more enjoyable is important. Tram lines go all through the city connecting it with different transport options and also to popular spots in Milan.

Milan Tram Tickets

Milan’s public transportation system has various ticket choices to match different travel requirements:

  • Single Ticket: It costs €2.20 and lets you travel for 90 minutes after the first use. During this time you can take multiple trips on trams, buses, and the metro.
  • 24-Hour Pass: Priced at €7.60 this pass allows unlimited travel on trams, buses, and the metro within Milan’s Mi1–Mi3 area for 24 hours from the first use.
  • 3-Day Ticket: This ticket costs €13 and allows unlimited travel on trams, buses, and the metro for 72 hours from the first use.
  • 10-Ticket Carnet: Priced at €19.50 passengers can buy a carnet containing 10 tickets. Each ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the first use and can be used for multiple trips on trams, buses, and the metro.

Milan Tram Schedule

Milan’s trams usually run from around 4:30 AM to 2:30 AM but the times might differ a bit depending on the tram line. On May 1st and December 25th, trams only run from 7 AM to 7:30 PM with limited service on public holidays. While a few trams run overnight you might have to wait longer for them. It is a good idea to check the schedule for each tram line to make sure you do not miss your ride. 

For tourists who are looking for a specific tram stop near the Duomo then the Duomo tram stop is a handy spot for people going to or from the famous Duomo Cathedral. It is where several tram lines meet including the M1 and M3 metro lines. This makes it easy to get to one of Milan’s most well-known landmarks.

Some useful tips for the tram in Milan

  • Trams in Milan do not always stop at every station so make sure to signal the tram driver by waving or standing at the tram stop if you want to board. Look for the schedule before waiting for a tram. 
  • Before getting on the tram remember to validate your ticket using the machines onboard or at tram stops. If you do not you might get fined.
  • In crowded trams, there might be pickpockets so it is important to keep your belongings safe and stay alert while traveling.

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