Milan Bus

Discover how to navigate Milan using the city’s extensive bus network. Our guide provides information on routes, schedules, and ticketing to help you explore Milan affordably and conveniently.
In Milan, Italy, buses are important for getting around the city. There are 80 bus lines that run every day from 5:30 AM to 1:45 AM giving people lots of options for travel. The buses go to many different parts of the city making it easy to get to neighborhoods, attractions, and transportation centers.

Milan Bus Tickets

In Milan, there are different tickets you can use to ride the bus depending on what you need. You can buy bus tickets in Milan from different places like self-service machines at metro stations, authorized sellers, and even through SMS or by using your contactless bank card. This makes it easy for people to get tickets for their bus trips around the city.

One option is the 90-minute ticket which costs €2.20. With this ticket, you can ride the bus, tram, and metro as much as you want for 90 minutes from when you first use it. If you are planning to explore Milan all day you can get a 24-hour pass for €7.60. This pass lets you travel as much as you want on buses, trams, and the metro in the Mi1-Mi3 area. If you need more time there is a 3-day ticket for €13 which gives you 72 hours of unlimited travel in the same area. For people who plan to travel a lot using the Milan bus, there is a 10-ticket carnet for €19.50.

Milan Bus Map

Travelers looking for help with Milan’s bus system have a few choices. The ATM website has an interactive map and trip planner that gives detailed information on bus routes, tram lines, metro trains, and trolley buses. Another option is Moovit which offers an offline map of Milan and Lombardy’s bus lines. This map lets you access route details even without the internet which can be handy for saving and sharing directions. There are also apps like Public Transport Map Milan and Milan Metro Tram Bus Map that offer detailed maps of Milan’s public transportation system. These maps include metro lines, tram routes, and bus stops. Users can search for specific stations or routes, mark their location on the map, and access offline maps from official sources. The Open Tour Milan app is handy for people keen on seeing Milan’s main sights. It shows where buses on the City Center Line are in real-time.

Milan Bus Schedule

Milan’s sightseeing bus has three lines; Blue, Green, and Yellow. The Blue Line runs every 30 minutes from 9:30 AM to 4 PM. The Green line runs every 80 minutes from 2:10 PM to 4:50 PM. The Yellow line operates every 30 minutes from 9:50 AM to 6:15 PM with varying intervals.

Tourists can use this information to plan their trip accordingly. Bus routes in Milan are easy to navigate and are available for everyone. If you prefer transportation that allows you to see the entire city while taking you to the popular spots then the Milan bus is for you.

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