Taxi in Milan

Discover Milan’s efficient taxi services with our guide. Learn how to find taxis, understand fares, and ensure a comfortable journey around the city.
When you are in Milan taxis are a handy and fast way to move around the city, especially if you want to get to your destination directly. But you can consider other modes of transportation as well since taxis in Milan can get expensive sometimes.

Milan taxi rates

Milan taxi prices follow a set fare system. The starting fee changes based on the time and if it is a weekday or a holiday. On weekdays during the day, the minimum fee is €3.70 rising to €6.00 on holidays. At night it is €7.20. There is also a charge of €1.20 per kilometre up to a max of €15.70. But once the meter hits €13.25 the rate goes up to €1.50 per kilometer. Additionally, there are extra fees for waiting starting at €29.19 per hour and rising to €39.27 after a set time. If the taxi goes over 50 km/h for more than a minute the cost per kilometre also rises to €1.70. Remember these rates to avoid surprises when paying for your taxi ride in Milan. Since this is a system and not based on individual drivers you will have to pay fair prices.

Booking a taxi in Milan

To get a taxi in Milan you can call taxi dispatch numbers like 026969 or 024040 if you speak Italian. A taxi usually arrives within a few minutes. Another option is to use mobile apps like Taxi Milano to book a cab in advance or request one on the spot. These apps let you track your taxi’s arrival and manage your ride easily.

Alternative to taxis in Milan

If you are looking for a cheaper option than taxis in Milan consider ride-sharing services like Uber. With Uber, you can request rides using a mobile app whenever you need them. Depending on factors like the type of car, distance, and time of day, Uber rides can be more affordable than taxis, especially for longer trips or during busy times. There is an app available for Uber where you will have to register with your number first. If you already have it on your phone then good otherwise it will be great to have it as a backup option in case you do not get a taxi right on the spot.

Some Taxi Services in Milan

Here are some of the taxi services that might come in handy during your trip in Milan. 

  • Cab Milano Taxi is located on Via Mecenate. It provides a reliable taxi service with a rating of 4.1 out of 5 based on 108 reviews.
  • Milano Taxi OK can be found on Via Santa Radegonda. It offers taxi services with an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 based on 289 reviews.
  • The Fountain Center Taxi Service is situated at Viale Edoardo Jenner and offers professional taxi services in Milan. Rating of 4.4 out of 5 based on 69 reviews.
  • TAXI | MILANO 02.6969 is open 24 hours and located at Via Stilicone. It offers an around-the-clock taxi service for your convenience.

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